Are You a Dog Person? Woof

You may already be a cat person, or perhaps you are a dog person wondering what all this fuss is over cats. Your dog may like to chase cats, or you might wonder if you can have both. Maybe you just want to get a cat and want to find out what to expect. Then this blog is the place for you to learn.

d v c chartI grew up a dog person, not caring about cats. In fact, I will admit that I did some things I am not proud of when it came to contempt of cats. I didn’t realize their spirit, their soulful eyes, their love. Like many other people, I felt a cat was just a snobbish animal that did it’s own thing, and all you could do was feed it and put it outside.

I learned that cats are much more than that. I found that they really do have a spirit, a soul, so to speak. They are more complicated than I ever thought before, and they bring so much to life. They don’t just hunt mice. They hunt hearts. If you let them, they will crawl up inside your soul and be your life partner forever.

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