What we will do here

In addition to creating a home for information and entertainment, I will take you on a journey through life in a multiple cat household. All but one of my cats are rescues. Either they were abandoned, or I obtained them from a shelter. The last one, half Siamese, was adopted from someone who had a litter and made them available. Here is what this Blog is all about:

Transcript from this video:

In life we make a lot of choices. We tend to make a lot of selfish choices. In some cases we might make choices that are more giving, less selfish, and owning a cat falls into both of those categories.

When we get a cat, a lot of times we feel that we’re going to do this cat a favor. It’s going to have a nice owner, we’re going to feed it, love it, do all sorts of good stuff, but what you soon find is that a cat brings just as much value to you, if not more.

A lot of people say the same thing about dogs. Dogs are a wonderful companion, with unwavering love. Just as a dog would, cats see or hear you and come over to you to check how you are, let you know they are around, and want to protect you.

cat languageA dog will do the same thing, but cats are actually more expressive. Cats talk more. It isn’t just a woof, whine, or whimper. They use sound, body language, tail position, expression. They let you know when they have concerns, want attention, want to protect or warn you, take care of you. They let you know they want to be with you. [Do you need a chart to understand what you dog is saying?]

Cats are going to want to protect their home, their “master”, and that’s a fine thing about cats. Dogs are happy-go-lucky, cats are very alert. [I should add that while dogs are alert, they are more of a predator than prey in the urban environment. Cats are small and hunted, so they are more aware and careful which leads to alertness.]

Cats love you every bit as much as you love them. [My cats reflect my personality with their own and the way I treat them] They ALWAYS come through, no matter what. People may think that cats are standoffish and don’t do much for you, but I’m going to show you different, I’m going to show you all about cats.

You are going to learn about cats, and, my Cats of Life.

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